This man started to mix his first record in 2006, after he visited a friend of his.
This friend had two turntables and a mixer in his room. When he asked if he wanted to try to spin some records, he was like “uhhh ok, cool”.
When he tried to mix a few songs, he allready was addicted to it….

In 2009, a big organisation called High Energy Events, well known of big parties like Fusion of Dance, asked if he would like to perform on Fusion of Dance Festival 2010.
After that, he also became a resident in the biggest club of the harder styles, Sans Souci Berlikum.
After these big changes in his life, he was even more determined to bring his energy and love for Hardstyle to the audience.
He started to make his own tracks and is ready to bring his sound to you!

What started as a hobby, became his passion!